the Design of recycled Junk and elegant Wood


I am Peter an enthusiastic geek, kind of an artist and slightly designer located in the very middle of Central Europe. I love to keep, unfold, disassemble old e-stuffs to what other people might consider useless junk and give second chance to bring them to life.
The geek art stuffs and b-bots are made from elegant wood and recycled mostly computer parts, found objects, cool junks, cameras and old e-stuffs. Every one of item is unique, unrepeatable and made by hand.
The b-bots are robot sculptures created with static and occasionally with moving, working e-parts.



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Have you ever imagined how could be to keep a little nature box on your work desk always sticking to nature stuffs? When you had tired hours on your workplace, you are over long discussions with the customer, you want to have a short break slightly eliminating the computer, internet and mobile world or you just want to power up and get motivation touching with your own fingers the natural element of nature.

I have collected several natural items around me from the garden, closely meadow, hill and wood. All are from the heart of Central Europe and are placed carefully into an elegant wood box. Every item is prepared and handled with appropriate varnish for long preservation.

Harmonized arrangement of 8 pieces natural items of wooden box: Burgundy snail; Briars branch; Cherry wood branch; Fossilizes limestone rock piece; Burned wood; Elegant unknown wood branch; Pine cone; Limestone rock piece;